Comfortable Sleep Apnea Treatment

Genio treats your obstructive sleep apnea while you and your partner enjoy restful and comfortable nights.

Are You Looking for an Alternative to CPAP?

Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is a very common sleep breathing disorder that affects millions of people worldwide. It is associated with many comorbid diseases (especially cardiovascular diseases).

The first-line treatment for sleep apnea is continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP).

However, compliance with CPAP treatment is problematic, and many patients who struggle with CPAP are looking for another solution.

That's why Nyxoah created Genio.

With Genio, You No Longer Have to Sleep With a Mask!

Genio uses neurostimulation to treat obstructive sleep apnea. It's a game changer for people who can't tolerate CPAP therapy.

The effectiveness of neurostimulation in treating obstructive sleep apnea has been scientifically proven in patients with moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea.

  • Improvement in the severity of sleep apnea
  • Positive impact on snoring
  • Easy to use and comfortable

Discover how Genio works

Did you know that neurostimulation is already helping thousands of people treat their sleep apnea?

Some of our patients share their stories. After trying CPAP, they chose Genio. Find out why and how it changed their lives.

Genio's user stories

Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea with Neurostimulation

Genio is a system consisting of a neurostimulator, an activation chip, a charger, and adhesive patches.

The tiny neurostimulator is implanted under the chin. Its electrodes are placed in contact with both branches of the hypoglossal nerve resulting in bilateral stimulation of the nerve.

The neurostimulator is controlled by an external activation chip that is placed under the chin with an adhesive patch before going to sleep.

During sleep, stimulation of the hypoglossal nerve causes a small forward movement of the back of the tongue, preventing it from falling back and blocking the upper airway.

How Genio Works

Watch a short video animation that explains how the Genio system works.

What Makes Genio Different?

The Genio system is the world’s first and only, battery-free, leadless and with a single incision implanted neurostimulator designed to keep the upper airway open during sleep for certain people with OSA by bilateral stimulation of the hypoglossal nerve.

Discreet Neurostimulator
Implantation of the Genio neurostimulator requires only a discreet incision under the chin and a short hospital stay.

Safe by Design
No batteries, sensors or leads inside the body. No surgery required to replace system components. No evidence of system parts under your skin.

MRI Compatible
Genio is compatible with full-body MRI scans.

Tailored to Your Needs
Because Genio's wearable is external, the system can be easily customized and upgraded, allowing you to benefit from the latest advances in stimulation and comfort without further surgery.

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