Comfortable Obstructive Sleep Apnea Treatment With Genio

Genio is a comfortable and elegant treatment for obstructive sleep apnea for people who cannot tolerate, have failed or refused CPAP therapy.

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Do You Struggle With CPAP Therapy?

CPAP therapy is usually the first treatment option recommended to patients with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA).

However, some patients are uncomfortable about using the rather cumbersome CPAP device or may be concerned about CPAP’s potential side effects or downsides.

For this reason, Nyxoah has developped Genio, a more comfortable treatment for obstructive sleep apnea.

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What Is Genio?

Genio is a comfortable and elegant treatment for patients suffering from moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea.

No need to sleep with a mask anymore!

Unlike positive airway pressure (PAP), Genio does not involve the wearing of a mask.

CPAP side effects like dry mouth, nasal congestion or skin irritation caused by the mask become problems of the past.

Genio stimulates your hypoglossal nerve, the nerve that enables tongue movement, to prevent your tongue from falling back and blocking your upper airway while you sleep.

Bilateral hypoglossal nerve stimulation using the Genio system reduces OSA severity and improves quality of life without device-related complications.

Thousands of patients worldwide rely on hypoglossal nerve stimulation to treat their obstructive sleep apnea. The effectiveness of this treatment has been scientifically proven.

Perspectives on OSA and Bilateral Hypoglossal Nerve Stimulation

Hypoglossal nerve stimulation will be very important in the future for patients with OSA as alternative for PAP incompliance or non-adherence.

An Effective Alternative to CPAP

Genio reduces sleep apnea severity and improves quality of life in a safe, quiet and elegant manner.

Improvement in the Severity of Sleep Apnea

Positive Impact on Snoring

Easy to Use

Silent and Comfortable

You and your bed partner can finally enjoy restful nights, without the noise of a machine and without the need for a mask.

How Does Genio Work?

The Genio system consists of a neurostimulator, an activation chip, a charging unit and adhesive patches.

The tiny neurostimulator is placed under the chin via a small incision, during a short surgical procedure. Its electrodes are put in contact with both branches of the hypoglossal nerve resulting in bilateral stimulation of the nerve.

The neurostimulator is driven by an external activation chip that stays under the chin with an adhesive patch.

During sleep, the stimulation triggers a small forward movement of the back of your tongue, preventing it from falling back and blocking the upper airway.

How does Genio work?

How does Genio work?

What Makes Genio Different?

Thanks to its unique design and the use of an extenal activation chip, the Genio system has several benefits.


The implantation of the Genio neurostimulator is minimally invasive. It only requires a discreet single incision under your chin. There are no other parts, battery or sensor, implanted into your body.

No Battery Inside Your Body

No additional surgery is required to replace the battery once it runs out or fails.

MRI Compatible

Genio is compatible with full-body MRI scans.


Genio can be easily upgraded to the latest version so that you benefit from the latest advances in stimulation and comfort.

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Are You Eligible for the Genio Therapy?

You may be eligible for Genio if you meet the following requirements:

You are 18 or above

You have been diagnosed with moderate or severe obstructive sleep apnea (AHI from 15 to 65)

You have failed, are intolerant to, or refuse CPAP therapy

If so, get in touch with one of our medical advisors to further assess the relevance of Genio therapy in your specific case. They will be able to confirm if you, or a loved one, are eligible for Genio and also give you more personalized information.

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Many clinics and hospitals have qualified professionals trained to perform the Genio treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Genio is indicated to adults suffering from moderate to severe OSA (AHI from 15 to 65) who have failed, are intolerant to, or refuse CPAP therapy.

Yes. Genio received CE mark in March 2019 and is approved for use in Europe.

Right now, Genio therapy is fully reimbursed by health insurances in Germany and Switzerland. We are working hard to obtain reimbursement in other countries soon.